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Learn to forgive

Learn to forgive

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The majority of the elephants, apart from those who were lucky enough to be raised at the park, have lived a life of cruelty and the utmost torture at the hands of humans. They have been blinded. They have been hit by trucks when begging on busy streets. They have been poked and prodded until blood appeared. They have been ripped apart from their babies and forced to trek through the jungle with tourists on their backs for hours a day. The amount of cruelty that they have endured is limitless. Elephants have roughly the same life span as the average human. And, like humans, they never forget the hurt they have experienced. However, it is clear that they forgive and do not hold it against the entire human population.

A lot of people find it difficult to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or thinking that another person’s actions were okay. It means moving on, making an effort to keep a relationship that has meant so much to you.

Self forgiveness is equally important. Self-forgiveness is not only recommended but absolutely essential if we wish to become emotionally healthy and have peace of mind. It goes like this: The more shame you heal, the more you will be able to see yourself more clearly—the good and the bad. You will be able to recognize and admit how you have harmed yourself and others. Your relationships with others will change and deepen. More importantly, your relationship with yourself will improve.

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